The Harmony Project will enable the Marbleton Plant to extend its viable operating life for 40 years or more while making a significant contribution to the Dudswell community’s quality of life.

Drawing inspiration from studies conducted elsewhere around the world, the Harmony Project has evolved from the will of Graymont’s management to continue to be better integrated into the communities in which the company operates. Quicklime is produced from pure limestone. In Marbleton (Dudswell), the Graymont company operates lime production facilities. To enable future access to the limestone deposit, a large amount of waste rock has to be removed.

Upon realizing the size of the final rock pile, Graymont’s management proposed using it to build a community project. This was the inspiration for the Harmony Project.


In this video, we discuss the 50-year sustainability of plant operations whereas the revised projections are in the range of
40 years. We also refer to the acquisition of Lot 1 and Lot 2. The CPTAQ recently issued its authorizations for Lot 1. Graymont has withdrawn its request for Lot 2 and is currently evaluating a modified scenario for this lot that could involve the submission of an authorization application to the CPTAQ in the coming years. Finally, the project’s time frame has been extended to 2020 as opposed to 2017 as a result of the delays in obtaining the required authorizations.


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