Graymont was always dedicated to contribute to the development of the communities in which its facilities are located.

​As part of the Harmony project, Graymont has decided to cease operations at quarry #4, located in the heart of the village. The green space that will be developed at the current quarry location is expected to have a positive impact on the community. A draft of the Harmony Project was presented to the community in July 2013. During this meeting, citizens recommended the creation of a citizen committee to improve its scope, which was done.

In addition, the Town of Dudswell held extensive public consultation to develop its sustainable Dudswell project. Since then, the Town of Dudswell has submitted a sustainable development plan and has asked Graymont to contribute through its Harmony Fund as the Town discusses it with its citizens. Graymont has responded positively to this request.



The Citizens’ Committee began its work in January 2014, and subsequently met eight times.

The citizen committee began its work in January 2014 and met eight times in the following year.

During these meetings, committee members proposed many ideas to transform quarry No. 4, always with a view to create a gathering place for meetings and community life. The constructive dialogue held during these meetings allowed the plant team to become aware of some of the community members’ concerns. These exchanges also made it possible to identify solutions to modify certain practices in order to further contribute to improve the quality of life of residents.

It is through these meetings that Graymont has taken the following steps:

  • Stopped stone stacking near Lac Miroir
  • Redevelopment of the area around Main Street
  • Concrete proposal for a community project on the site of quarry No. 4 once it is closed and reforested.

The citizen committee has completed its mandate after one year of meetings. The community component of the project was presented to the community in February 2015 as part of a public consultation.

The facilities and amenities at this future site, as suggested by the committee, are being discussed between the municipality and the plant management in consideration of developments since the committee’s work in 2015, both from the perspective of the Harmony Project and Graymont’s operations in Dudswell, as well as consultations conducted by the municipality of Dudswell.